The University’s federal tax ID# is 63-6001138, also known as Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN).

  • The federal tax ID# is not a sales tax exemption number. For information about sales tax, click here 
  • The University’s federal tax ID# may not be used by student groups to set up a bank account, etc. More information for student organizations is available here.


IRS Form W-9 is used to certify the taxpayer identification number. It is often requested by outside entities in order to establish the University’s information in their payment systems.  A current year signed form is available at the link below.  Note:  The address shown on the form is for tax purposes only, and not a remittance address.  To ensure that payments and correspondence are directed properly, the UA department should fill in the contact info section at the bottom of the form, before sending it to the requester.

University of Alabama W-9 Form

  • The W-9 Form does not pertain to sales tax exemption. For information about sales tax, click here.


University departments also may receive “substitute” W-9 forms to complete; these are customized vendor information forms.  Please forward such forms to Caroline Railsback in the Office of Finance for completion;, 8-7917, Box 870136.

The following are separate entities from the University, and therefore have their own tax ID numbers.  Current year signed W-9 forms for these entities are provided at the links below: